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Magic Scents for Romantic Moments


French perfume anyone??? Oui oui!!! So what’s their appeal? Is the fact that they contain essential oils - specially those ones that arouse sensual pleasure?

Many scientific studies have revealed a strong link between aromas and moods. Aromatherapy has been credited with to stimulate a powerful effect on both sensuality and sexuality (especially the research on pheromones.) The recipes for these formulas are well-kept secrets of famous perfumers, and so they should be, for indeed making a successful blend of aromatic substances demands a lot of exploration and experimentation. The creation of such a masterpiece needs time, dedication, patience, passion, intuition and truly hard ‘yakka’ as the locals say. To create a successful formula there is a lot of trial and error in the processes - but it is always a labour of love!

So maybe you cannot duplicate the consummate skills of talented French perfumers. But remember, dear reader, that as we mentioned earlier some of the main ingredients are essential oils. Well with our hot tips from the art of Aromatherapy and our aromatherapy specialist, you too, oh oui, can create some magic moments, for we shall share some of our treasured secrets with you. Therefore you will be able to concoct the most exquisite romantic scents to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Firstly, make sure you buy only pure essential oils and not synthetic fragrances. Yes, “all oils aren’t oils!“

Secondly, give yourself plenty of unhurried time to play alchemist, which will help you mix, blend, choose which aromas feel more evocative and provocative to you. Indeed the law of affinity determines which particular scents you vibrate to and which will therefore create the magic spark for you. So there is definitely a purely personal and subjective element in that choice.

Thirdly, keep it a secret.

Now this is not superstition, oh no, but it creates an aura of mystery that is essential to the flow of creative juices - not to mention others as well! Also preparing something for that special person in your life and holding it into the sanctuary of your heart and excluding the rest of the world from that intimate detail is a very special excitement. Wow, believe you me, it is something I have adopted from the Gypsy tradition since I came across it in an old French text on perfumes, potions and charms; which belonged to my great grandpapa.

Now are you ready for this magical escapade that will make you possess this elixir of romance to charm and seduce your valentine. Just imagine the excitement of creating your own love potion, oh la la!!!


  • To heighten sensuality use a combination of sandalwood, tuberose and patchouli oil.

  • To ease away performance anxiety and inner tensions use a combination of vanilla and rose oil.

  • To create a feeling of euphoria use a combination of nutmeg, cardamom and coriander oil (wow what a spice girl!)

  • To increase intuitive connection with your partner use fennel oil*

  • To soothe the emotional nature use a combination of bourbon and geranium oil.

  • To encourage softness and a feeling of caring for oneself and others use jasmine oil.

  • To include as a sexual tonic and aphrodisiac use ginger (add some spice to the meal.)

  • To relax muscular tensions and calm nerves who can forget the powers of lavender oil.

  • To uplift the mind, rejoice the heart and enthuse the senses nothing beats neroli oil.

  • To release old emotional hurts and sadness apply mandarin oil - this is good for burning in an oil burner or adding to a hot bath when you are tired and emotional drawn.

  • To increase the depth of breath and slow down the breathing, allowing a feeling of ease and contentment to flow through the body burn boronia oil.

  • To release stasis and increase circulation in female reproductive organs apply pine oil to your body chakras.

  • To renew and energise the female glandular system (and this is also a powerful aphrodisiac for both sexes -------- clary sage.

  • To increase flagging libidos, release inhibitions or just a strong sexual tonic use ylang ylang oil.

  • To encourage sweetness and tenderness, magnolia oil is the best.

  • To heighten the sensitivity of the body to emotions and to freely express them burn bergamot .

  • To stimulate playfulness and a sense of fun and child-like delight nothing competes with the freshness of spearmint oil.

Now for best results when massaging your partner, you need a base oil which is your carrier oil. We recommend sweet almond because its neutral odour will not conflict against the aromas of essential oils, plus it is a rich emollient * and excellent as a moisturiser. It is also very light and therefore easily absorbed into the skin. Another good choice is apricot kernel oil, full of vitamins and high in EFAs (essential fatty acids.) Do keep away from heavy kitchen oils, which may be good as a general massage oil base and other fun purposes, but for sensual delight and for such a special occasion treat yourself to the absolute best!


So you are actually ready to start this creative adventure. Well then in 25 mls. of base oil (almond or apricot ) - mix in your choice of essential oils; measure our recommended dosage with an eyedropper. Well having read our list of oils and their different characteristics you can now select which oils would be more appropriate for your partner’s needs. Make your special blend with your base oil to which you add 5 to 7 different essential oils. Shake the bottle gently to mix thoroughly. Voila your magic scent is now ready.

Dosage for essential oils:

Sandalwood - 4 drops . Tuberose - 3 .Patchouli -5 . Vanilla - 7 . Rose - 2 .Nutmeg -4 . Cardammon -3 . Coriander - 3 - Fennel -5 .Bourbon geranium -7 . Jasmine -3 . Ginger -2 . Lavender -7 . Neroli -4 . Mandarin -5 . Boronia -6 . Pine -5 . Clarysage -4 .Ylang ylang -6 . Magnolia - 4 . Bergamot - 5 . Spearmint -4 .

* Not to be used by pregnant women

So how do you apply this? There are many options...

Leisurely rub or gently massage your partner’s body with this oil.

Add 10 drops of your scented oil to bath water in which you and your partner can now luxuriate to your heart’s content. The heat will activate the aromas and inhaling these aromatic substances will heighten your sensuality and you’ll be feeling deeply relaxed and receptive to the amorous pleasures - mmm!

In your love-making nest, apart from candles, flowers and other niceties include a burner in which you can put 7 to 10 drops of your special oil with some water, and after a few minutes the aromas will diffuse and work their magic to create an atmosphere of sensual delight in and around you.

You can also anoint each other’s body with your magic scent.....apply with utmost care and tenderness a little dab of oil on the following parts: behind ears, wrists, hollow of neck and throat, back of head and nape of neck, behind the knees and finally on the belly button, - do this and you will experience the special charm of aromas and their powerful effect on your moods as a gift to arouse sensual desire in the lucky receiver of your favours.

Dear readers we wish you all a wonderful celebration of love for Valentine’s day. We certainly hope that our guide to sensual aromatherapy will stimulate you to be adventurous and try our recipes and suggestions. Again we strongly advise you to avoid synthetic fragrances and to buy only dealer quality. This way you will avoid disappointment and your results are assured.

In conclusion for those of you who would prefer to ignore the whole issue we suggest marjoram, which will diminish sexual energies and induce a sense of peace in celibacy. As a sedative it will help you sleep blissfully the whole weekend and put romance on hold until a more suitable time.

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