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How to deal with difficult in-laws

When we first get together with that special someone we tend to think that their family is something we will grow to understand, accept and even love.  But sadly, for many the power dynamics and influences of in-laws in our own family dynamics can be smothering…


This open-ended-group-therapy approach provides a safe space to air this frustration while exploring practical approaches to manage difficult dynamics that are both immediate and more strategic in their approach.


The program is a 3-session once weekly model and participants are asked to commit to all three sessions from the beginning.  Discussions are themed around:


Week 1: My Story

Week 2: What is happening here?

Week 3: What do you want from me?


So, if you find yourself in a situation where the dynamics of your in-law relationships more hurt you then enrich your relationship with your partner then this program is for you!


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