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Dad's Tuning in to Kids

Dad's Tuning in to Kids (TM) is an evidence-based adaptation of the widely used Tuning in to Kids® parenting program. It has been developed by Dr. Katherine Wilson, Dr. Sophie Havighurst, and Ann Harley in Melbourne, Australia, to be suitable for use by Tuning in to Kids trained facilitators who would like to offer father-only parenting groups.

The program focuses on the father-child emotional connection. It teaches fathers the skills in emotion coaching that are taught in Tuning in to Kids®, provides additional content particularly relevant to fathers, and suggests modifications to some program activities and processes.

Dads Tuning in to Kids (TM) has been strongly endorsed by fathers who have attended, with feedback that a fathers-only option is a very welcome addition to the parenting programs currently on offer. A randomized control trial of the program showed positive outcomes including improving parenting, parent-child relationships, and child behaviour.

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