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Avoiding Foods While Breast Feeding

Country to popular chatter, many women find that they can eat whatever they may like during breast feeding. Even though it's true that some strongly favoured foods can change the taste of your milk, it seems many babies seem to enjoy the varieties of breast milk flavours. Occasionally, your baby may get cranky at the breast after you eat certain foods; babies are just like us – some foods you don’t like the taste of or the way it makes your stomach feel after eating… If you notice this happening, simply avoid that particular food.

The BIG Offenders:

The most common offenders that baby may push back on during breast feeding include chocolate, spices, citrus fruits, garlic, chili, lime, gassy vegetables, and fruits with laxative type effects, such as prunes and cherries. However, don’t be shy to broaden your babies tastes early, this will help later in the introduction of food.

What about my morning ‘joe’?

The big social no-no of pregnancy and breast feeding… Coffee! More recent research indicates that you can have a cup or two of coffee a day, although too much caffeine can interfere with your baby's sleep and even make them cranky. Also, keep in mind, caffeine is found in many soft drinks, soda’s, tea, and even over the counter type medicines as well.

Can I still enjoy a wine?

This one tends to be pretty controversial and it really is up to individual choices. The general science still says ‘no’ or ‘very limited’ alcohol when pregnant; but it's beginning to suggest that it’s okay to have an alcoholic beverage every now and then, although having more than one drink can increase your blood alcohol level, putting the alcohol into your breast milk.

If you are planning to have more than one drink at a time, it's best to wait two hours or more per drink before you resume any type of nursing or breast feeding. There is no need to pump and dump unless your breasts are full and it’s time to feed your baby. While breast feeding, any type of heavy drinking should be avoided. So in essence it’s okay to celebrate something with friends and family – partake in the half-glass of bubbles and feed without fear.

In Summary:

Before you actually omit any foods from your diet, you should talk to your doctor. If you avoid certain foods and it causes a nutritional imbalance, you may need to see a nutritionist for advice on taking other foods or self-subscribing nutritional supplements.

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