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PlayPower for Parents: Making the Most of Everyday Moments

Conducted under licence from The Benevolent Society PlayPower helps parents to:


Build loving Relationships with their children

Capitalise on dauly Routines in their family life

Play, have fun and Relax with their children

Give positive Responses to build self-esteem

Establish Rituals that strengthen famil bonds

Use Repetition to promote learning and development

PlayPower is a strengths-based parent education program that aims to build nurturing family relationships through play. The Benevolent Society developed PlayPower to support parents who have infants and toddlers. Strong parent–child bonds forged during the first three years benefit all areas of a child’s development as well as boosting the child’s resilience to face and handle challenges. 

Broken into two parts PlayPower for birth to 1 year and PlayPower for 1 to 3 years…

PlayPower activities—incorporated into routine moments in family life—focus on the four key areas of development using parent-friendly terms: 


Simple activities that are built into everyday moments can be repeated frequently—the kind of repetition that infants and toddlers need to experience to fully develop the neural pathways in their brain. Many parents do not appreciate that these routine times are rich opportunities to stimulate brain development and contribute to healthy social/emotional growth in their children. 


PlayPower Parent Workshops help parents to: 

  • thinking & learning 

  • listening & talking 

  • growing & moving 

  • feeling & connecting. 

  • understand why play is necessary for a child’s healthy development 

  • consider their child’s perspective when they play with them 

  • understand how infants and toddlers grow and develop 

  • identify everyday routines as opportunities for learning and bonding 

  • choose safe, age-appropriate toys for young children 

  • incorporate safe items around the house in their play with young children. ​

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