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Resilient Parenting

Being an emotionally resilient parent...


Working from the perspective that resilience is contagious, this workshop will help mum, dad and careers build the strengths to overcome life’s obstacles and to triumph when threats materialize - as well as how to model resilient behaviour so that the young people in your life (and older ones) will grow their own emotional resilience strengths!


The program is conducted under licence from the International Resilience Institute Sydney (IRIS) and is a unique program of self-development.


The IRIS learning model is based on prominent and recent research in the area of resilience, which tells us two key things:


  1. Resilience is not exclusively innate – it can be learnt; and

  2. A person’s resilience increases as one continually apply resilient thinking and behaviours in their everyday lives.

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Raising Emotionally Resilient Children

Working with primary emotional thinking...


Happiness studies from leading universities around the world tell us that every person experiences their world through their PET - Primary Emotional Thinking.

Raising Emotionally Resilient Children will teach you to identify what your child’s PET is and how to parent so that this emotional thinking state is something that empowers, rather then derails your child.


Conducted under the license of the International Resilience Institute Sydney this program is a unique parenting guide and the only if its kind in the Asia Pacific region.

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