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Emerging Parenting Styles

"Success is not forever and failure isn't fatal." [Don Shula]


We all read the books that we need to parent for the child, which has meant that we often need to use different approaches for different children...


Guess what? We also need to use different styles for the same child as they mature!


 This six-session model of coaching helps you explore how you can best move from being a 'manager' to a 'consultant' with your child as you confront behaviour that needs addressing.




Coaching is a formulate approach to helping us through specific times in our lives and is powerful when we have the time to focus our energies close in on one or two specific areas in need of change or enrichment…


However sometimes it is not so clear cut and specific.  Sometimes we just need a person to help debrief life with, pick up on some of the ‘nuisances’ in our lives that might benefit from change focus and to challenge us to better for ourselves, so that we can be better at what we do…


The Poppet Centre also provides a mentorship relationship for individuals and couples to help balance things within our world.


To benefit from this service contact us directly today to arrange a time to chat.


We provide these services through online support as well as face-to-face in our practice rooms located on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Find a Coach

If you are looking for a coach drop us a note below with (1) your location; (2) your biggest questions, and (3) best way to get back to you... 


We will reply within 48-hours of your initial message with contact details of our network of practitioners.

Success! Message received.

Become a Parent Coach

Do you want to be a Parent Coach?


The Poppet Centre provides training three times a year in our models of coaching – to find out more contact us today.

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