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Nurturing Your Child To Be A Winner

Learn how to empower your children to think responsibly and to build within themselves the motivation and drive to succeed in school and life…


If you find that everything you do to motivate, inspire and guide your children seem to be falling on deaf ears then this workshop is for you!


Through the program, you will learn…


  • How to unlock your child’s inner genius;

  • The secrets to motivation and how to build self-motivation in your teenage child;

  • How to help your child develop a winners mindset;

  • How to motivate your children to listen and co-operate as part of the family;

  • How to drive your children to work from a mindset of working ‘with’ you not ‘against’ you;

  • What to do to nurture a high level of self-esteem and confidence (without indulging your child);

  • The power of win-win discipline;

  • What are the beliefs and habits of effective parents;

  • And more.

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