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The Poppet Centre is a project originally established by Shane & Helen Warren in 1996 to provide no-fluff straightforward assistance to parents with the simple goal to make parenting easier!


The Poppet Centre believes that 70% of parenting is guesswork, 20% doing what someone else told you would work and 10% flying totally blind…


The Poppet Centre's goal is to help make the 70% of guesswork more informed guessing!




Sometimes in the role of parenting we just do not know what to do when; and we have reached out to all we know and still have no solution to the problem… In these times we are here to help with some sound suggestions based on what we have known to work for others and ourselves.




Often in day-to-day parenting, we just need someone to talk to and who better then other parents – our peer support services take many forms and we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out more!




We run a calendar of workshops, seminars and events for children, teens and parents throughout the year – so watch this space for programs happening close to you


The people behind The Poppet Centre are the mother and son team – Shane and Helen Warren, with the support of trusted colleagues Laurence Catzel and Kait Luker…


Shane Warren


Shane is a psychotherapist in private practice with rooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Singapore and Hong Kong. He brings to The Poppet Centre more than 26-years experience as a counsellor, coach and facilitator; with training in theology, philosophy and psychology. Shane’s professional life begun in the youth welfare sector and has since moved into various directions. He is also a busy dad balancing work and family life. Shane is a highly decorated professional and more details on his work can be found at Shane Warren Coaching & Counselling Services.


Laurence Catzel


Splitting her time between Sydney and Paris, Laurence brings to the team a background in corporate management, teaching and education leadership.  With a background in business across Europe and education, Laurence brings to the team great insights into the struggles busy parents confront across cultural boundaries.  Laurence currently splits her time between facilitating parent programs, running outside of school hours care programs, and being an active parent to her own child…


Helen Warren


Based in Toowoomba, Helen is the mother of three adult children and trained counsellor and coach. She has worked with children and young adults in both the education and community welfare sectors, with training in many areas of support Helen believes her best training to help other parents was through the mistakes she made as a mother (and now grandmother to nine…)


Kait Luker


Based in Sydney or the Gold Coast (depends on the weather), Kait brings to the team a background in creative arts and medical science.  For over 20-years Kait has facilitating creative arts learning programs for children, adults and elders within the community; when not teaching Kait operates a highly successful coaching practice for people recently diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses and a boutique consulting firm in the management of medical services and frontline responders administration.


The Poppet Centre is happy to help you with direct and personal information. 


The Poppet Centre DISCLAIMER: 


The information given in the advice session is from sources believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed in any way. Although the Poppet Centre team have full confidence in its advice, no guarantee, express or implied, is given with regard to that advice, and persons, organisations or companies who take action based on that advice, do so at their own risk.


Advice:  So if you have a specific question for us and need some personal advice around parenting please email us on


Fees:  We do charge a fee for this service of AUD$33 per question and that entitles you to dialogue with us by three emails around the one question over a one week period. 


Upon receipt of your question, we shall send you an automated invoice via PayPal seeking payment. 


Please allow 48-hours for the response - we endeavor to answer sooner but time difference can delay the speed of our response.

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