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Raising Happy Healthy Children


"It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." [Frederick Douglass]


This is a six-session model designed to help parents and careers to get on the same page...


A lot of time is spent on an in-depth discussion of ground rules to help everyone better manage behavior and challenges that arise in a "happy home!"


How does it work?


Working as either a couple or individual you will meet with a Poppet Parent Coach for six consecutive weeks focussing in as follows:


  1. Session one is about getting to know one another and establishing an open honest communication dynamic.

  2. In session two we will work on creating a family vision for parenting and encouraging child behaviour success.

  3. The third session works through general home boundaries and explores how we establish ground rules and communication.

  4. Session four is all about ensuring that all parents and careers are on the same page.

  5. Session five is a retrospective focussed session where we look deep at ourselves to identify our parenting push buttons and how we can better manage these.

  6. Our final session builds on all we have discussed in the context of behaviour modification (for both parent/careers and child).  


The approaches explored focus strongly on positive reinforcement models and we use emotion coaching techniques.




Find a Coach

If you are looking for a coach drop us a note below with (1) your location; (2) your biggest questions, and (3) best way to get back to you... 


We will reply within 48-hours of your initial message with contact details of our network of practitioners.

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Become a Parent Coach

Do you want to be a Parent Coach?


The Poppet Centre provides training three times a year in our models of coaching – to find out more contact us today.

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