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Your New Baby

Your newborn guidebook - everything you need to know to keep your newborn happy and healthy


Congratulations on your new baby! Things are about to get a lot more exciting with your adorable bundle of joy around. But with that excitement comes responsibilities. Whether you're new to parenting or have been parenting for years it's your duty to make sure your newborn is safe and happy.


The first few days, weeks and months with your newborn can be equal parts terrific and terrifying. Newborns require around-the-clock care and no matter how much you prepare beforehand, it's still a shock to discover what caring for a newborn actually entails.


In the first weeks and months together you will have a lot of questions. How am I supposed to calm this crying tiny person who can't even talk? How do I change her diaper? How often do I feed her? These are all very common and normal questions to ask yourself. Getting to know your tiny bundle of joy can be overwhelming. It’s an intense time of change and growth for both baby and you.


This is where Your New Baby course comes into your life! Think of this video course as your newborn survival kit. Taught by lactation and baby care experts, Corky Harvey, MS, RN, IBCLC and Wendy Haldeman MN, RN, IBCLC, who together have 70 years of experience with babies, this course has all the practical tools and tips you will need to get through the crucial first few months with your newborn.


You'll watch videos with real babies, which will guide you step-by-step as you learn:

  1. how to change a diaper

  2. feeding techniques

  3. how to dress your baby

  4. calming techniques

  5. how to hold your baby


You’ll bond so much better with your newborn once you learn these basic parenting responsibilities.

Start now by signing up for our Your New Baby online course!




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