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Your Healthy Baby

Everything you need to know on how to keep your newborn baby safe & healthy from health exams to car seat safety!


Your child is the greatest gift you will ever receive. The first moment you hold your bundle of joy in your arms your world will forever be changed. In the first few months especially, you will experience a wide range of emotions from joy and excitement to overwhelmed and confused.


When you bring your newborn home it's important to know how to properly care for them. Providing a safe environment to ensure they are healthy and safe at home is an important part of caring for your new baby.


Children under 3 are especially vulnerable to getting sick. Their immune systems aren't fully developed yet, so they have a harder time fighting off illness. 


The first time your baby coughs or cries uncontrollably it's very nerve-racking, especially when they can't tell you exactly what is wrong. "Are they sick? Are they hungry? Are they tired? Should I take them to the doctor?" These are all questions new parents ask themselves and the first rule is to trust your instinct. If you think something is wrong with your baby then you need to take them to the doctor. Better safe than sorry!

There is a lot that goes into keeping your baby safe and this course outlines the important information you need to know about keeping your baby happy and healthy. Taught by lactation and baby care experts, Corky Harvey, MS, RN, IBCLC and Wendy Haldeman MN, RN, IBCLC, who together have 70 years of experience with babies, this course will guide you through:

  • healthcare providers and immunizations

  • taking your baby's temperature

  • baby proofing your house

  • CPR

  • how to keep your baby safe in the car

  • how to properly bathe your baby



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