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Tuning in to Teens



Conducted under the license of the University of Melbourne Tuning in to Teens™ program is designed for parents of adolescents aged 10-18 years.


The program teaches parents how to help their teen develop emotional intelligence. Studies suggest Emotional Intelligence may be a better predictor of academic & career success than IQ.


We know adolescents with higher emotional intelligence:


  • Are more aware, assertive and strong in situations of peer pressure

  • Have greater success making friends and are more able to manage conflict

  • Are more able to cope when upset or angry

  • Have fewer mental health and substance abuse difficulties


This program is written as a six-week evidence-based program for parents of 9-18-year-olds that runs for 2 hours per week.  The Poppet Centre has adapted the program to include our Marathon Seminar - one day plus coaching - or our Intensive Seminar -three extended in-person sessions.


Tuning in to Teens™ involves watching video material, group discussions and exercises, role plays, reading the information, and home activities where you try different ways of responding to your child’s emotions.


This is a peer learning environment so parents are encouraged to share experiences and ideas within the group and group leaders may use these as examples to explain and teach emotion coaching skills.


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