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Sex Problems - Don’t worry everybody has them!

Sex Problems - Don’t worry everybody has them! with Shane Warren

Traditionally individual and relationship difficulties can emerge from problems in sexual functioning. Human sexual expression is a complex area and one which has important implications for the individual’s sense of identity, self-esteem and confidence in relating to others.

The best physical treatment methods for most sexual problems are self-help techniques. Which can be practiced at home alone or in the security of a loving relationship.

A number of myths dominate our perceptions of sexual expression which often cause tension and fear destroying the enjoyment of the act. These myths range from penile size to orgasmic times. Contrary to popular belief Drs Michael and Dorothy Clarke's 1990 research found size does not count, a man’s standard ejaculatory time is between one to six minutes, multiple orgasms are experienced on occasion by approximately 15% of women and the list goes on.

Sexual problems usually extend from a deep concern about ones sexual ability. The best attitude at this time is not to worry, take the plunge, relax and enjoy yourself - all antidotal evidence confirms, true sexual satisfaction requires a combination of physical and emotional arousal.

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