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Why Should we exercise...

Obesity Research reports that although the number of overweight people has risen significantly over the past few decades, this is not due to increased caloric consumption (energy IN), but to decreased physical activity (energy OUT).

  1. The American National Weight Control Registry reports that of 2000 people who maintained a weight loss of 30kg for longer than 6 years, almost all participated in an exercise regime, which expended an extra 2,800 calories weekly. That is equivalent to 400 calories per day, or a brisk 45-minute walk.

  2. Australian adults suffer an average of 3 colds a year. What’s making us sick? Could be all work & no play, reports the Journal of the A.M.A.. People who regularly participate in a range of social and physical activities are less susceptible to colds than inactive people. People with fewer friends and less social contact were four times more likely to get sick than others... So go ahead & fill your calendar with recreational activities!

  3. A new study shows that exercise may improve your creativity. Researchers at Middlesex University found that people were able to come up significantly with more original & numerous ideas in a creative task-solving exercise after a 25-minute fitness class than their sedentary counterparts.

  4. Did you know that exercise not only burns calories, it also raises your resting metabolic rate (calorie-burning rate) for between 1-15 hours after exercise!

Why exercise with Shane Warren

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