Riddle-Diddle-Fun # 6

We know that riddles can help children with brain development but also, they are a fun way for parents and children to spend time bonding through laughter, questions and words…

The process of solving a riddle over dinner will give you and your children a number of qualities:

  1. Parent-child bonding;

  2. Opportunity to teach and to learn;

  3. Advancing comprehension and critical thinking; and

  4. Develop and understanding of intellectual humour.

So, to help you and your family have this time together we are going to share one riddle a week until we run out of riddles we know…


  • There are a mix of red, green and blue balls in a bag. The total number of balls is 60. There are four times as many red balls as green balls and 6 more blue balls than green balls. How many balls of each colour are there?


  • Blue balls = 15 Red balls = 36 Green balls = 9

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