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The magical healing of oil

The magical healing of oil with Shane Warren

Essential oils when used regularly can greatly increase our awareness and appreciation of life. Most essential oils are known to have antiseptic properties. When they are used as vaporisers or as cleaning agents they will keep your home pleasantly aromatic and may also help to destroy any air borne bacteria.

Recent research has confirmed the essential oil’s ability to strengthen the immune system, and keep ingestions at bay. The essential oils are believed to work in such a way that they maintain vitality and balance in all organs and systems within the body. This in turns strengthens the bodies organs and systems that are actively involved in fighting invading organisms and eliminating toxins.

For essential oils to be used effectively, your body and mind will need to be in a suitably receptive state, also aromatherapy needs to be combined with a relaxed and balanced lifestyle. Eating a wholesome nutritious diet and taking positive measures to deal with stress are therefore vital if you are to experience the full benefits and pleasures of preventative aromatherapy.

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