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Body Beautiful Drugs

Body Beautiful Drugs with Shane Warren

When we speak of steroids typically we think of athletes trying to make it to the top, aka the Chinese swim team. But sadly the fastest growing number of steroid shooters are, ‘gawky little white boys’.

A recent US study found that one in 15 young men have tried steroids. Another study of a comparable population of young men found that one in 50 have tried cocaine. This habit indicates that steroids are becoming one of the many recreational drugs of our time.

With our culture’s strong focus on body imagery and muscle tonality this trend should not surprise us. High-school students are beginning to shoot steroids for cosmetic reasons. The pattern is simple adolescence kicks in, sexual imagery becomes important and hormones take control - one grows (almost overnight) into a skinny weed or a fat toad. Lifting weights, swimming, exercising the standard way just does not produce results fast enough.

In a world of body beautiful politics, steroids can seem an appealing option and “what the hell, just three hits won’t harm me”.....wrong! Steroids are an addictive drug. Emotionally addictive - (“roid rage” or the “RRRrrr” is the terms used to describe it) steriods produce feelings that you are invincible, nobody can harm you, nothing is too strong.

Sounds good except for the reality you are constantly on edge with strong feelings of irritability, paranoia and confusion. Excessive use can leave you feeling like you are always just coming off a ‘bad trip’. Also physically the cocktail mixtures that are pumped into the blood stream do not do good things to your body.

So the message is clear: steroid use is dangerous, not only does it mess with your mind but your body as well. Also remember, the same results are obtainable through a good diet and good exercise. Oh yeah, and steriods do do strange things to your genitalia.

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