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Coping with Stress

It is impossible to avoid stress in your life, in fact a certain amount of stress is required to survive. However, when stress threatens to overload our body and damage our long-term health and well being, then it is time to take control.

Stress can course untold damage to the human body from skin conditions to heart problems to back and neck pain. Studies indicate that up to 60% of visits to the Doctor are stress related. And members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities are very subjective to advanced stress due to prejudices and fears imposed onto us from the confused and unaware.

Usually when we feel stressed relaxation does not come easily, however this is exactly what we must learn to do - and it is an acquired skill that can be taught. Excellent results can be achieved by using relaxation tapes or learning Yoga, Tai Chi or meditation.

Other great techniques can be regular massage (most effective if undertaken by a trained Relaxation Therapist) or take a bath. The warmth of the water, when totally raped around you can create a feeling of security and nurturing (often aquatinted to the mothers womb). For best results add a bubble bath based on essential oils and afterward rub your body with a relaxing body lotion or bath gel. Specifically tailored creams are available on the market, shop around for the one that best suites you. Alternatively you can visit an Aromatherapist and arrange for the most appropriate to be made specifically for your lifestyle.

Most importantly to beat stress rather then have it beat you, one must become aware of the stresses in their life, then learn techniques that will enable you to thrive on stress and use it as a means of enriching your life.


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